Stitching Cord

Cords are used mainly as Bag Closing threads, making Bag seams, stitching Jumbo bags and various other uses. They are available in following types :

a) Polypropylene Sewing Threads
Denier Breaking Strength
600x1x2 6 kgf
840x1x2 8 kgf
840x3x3 36 kgf

The above provide an economical product which is chemically resistant and having good breaking strength. Being man-made they possess uniform thickness throughout. They have been imparted with physical characteristics to provide snarling free thread.

b) Special Yarn for Jumbo Bags

Polyester Stitching Thread

Denier Breaking Strength
1000x1x2 14 kgf

They possess the highest tenacity amongst conventional man-made threads. They therefore can be used at places, where thickness restrictions imposed by needle size impede increase in breaking strength. They possess the best elasticity and abrasion resistance. Thus they impart long lasting life to the stitched products.

The above are made according to specific strength requirements of Jumbo Bags and type of stitching machines.

We also make Special Cords for Material Handling Slings & Belts

  • Key Benefits
  • Much higher speed of stitching is achieved
  • Ease of operation
  • Product consistency leads to less waste of material and downtime